Patient Registration

Below is the link to our new patient intake forms. These forms are required for all new patients and for previous patients if it has been more than one year since your last visit in our office.

It is your responsibility as a patient to provide us with the information needed in order to properly facilitate your care. Failure to complete these forms in their entirety may result in our inability to provide you care at the high standard that we hold ourselves to.


All exams in our office are billed through dental insurance.  Below is a list of dental insurance companies that we are in-network with. If you have a dental plan that we are not in network with we can still bill to your insurance but you will receive out-of-network coverage.

We are in network with the following dental insurance companies:

Washington Dental Service (WDS)
Delta Dental
Aetna Dental PPO
Cigna PPO
Connection Dental
Dental Health Services

These companies are the only insurances that we are DIRECTLY contracted with. We sometimes fall in-network with other plans based on mutual contracts through one of the above companies (typically dentemax, connection dental, or regence). Unless your insurance is through one of the above companies we cannot confirm/guarantee in-network status until after a claim has been processed, the best way to determine this information is to contact your insurance company directly.


Occasionally some treatment is determined as medical in nature. We are in-network providers with Premera Medical Insurance. This is the only medical insurance that we are contracted with. As an office policy we do not bill to any medical insurance that we are not in network with. If your procedure is determined to be medical in nature and we are not in-network with your commercial medical insurance we will be happy to provide you with information for you to bill your insurance company directly. For patients who have Medicare, Medicaid, or other non-commercial insurance companies we have opted out of these plans and therefore we are not able to provide you the information to bill for yourself.


We have opted out of Medicare and all state insurance plans. If you have a Medicare supplement plan, we cannot bill to Medicare as primary, therefore if your supplement plan requires Medicare process the claim you will be considered private pay in our office.